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Article/Chapter Progress
What is CSS?
100% complete
Hello, CSS world!
100% complete
The Anatomy of a CSS Rule
100% complete
How CSS works
100% complete
Linking CSS to HTML
100% complete
Introduction to CSS Selectors
100% complete
The Element selector
100% complete
The Class selector
100% complete
The ID selector
95% complete
Grouping selectors
0% complete
Advanced Selectors
Introduction to advanced selectors
99% complete
The Descendant Selector
42% complete
The Child Selector
20% complete
The Sibling Selector Not started
The Adjacent Sibling Selector Not started
The CSS Box Model
Introduction to the CSS Box Model Not started
7% complete
Borders Not started
Padding Not started
Outlining Not started
Visibility & Display Not started
Introduction - width and height properties
73% complete
Minimum and maximum width/height Not started
Overflow Not started
Introduction to positioning Not started
Relative positioning Not started
Absolute positioning Not started
Fixed Positioning Not started
Floating elements Not started
Text & Fonts
Fonts & Text - Introduction
100% complete
Font-family - the basics
64% complete
11% complete
The font-style property Not started
Font size Not started
Advanced typography - wordspacing, letterspacing and textalign! Not started
Text shadow Not started
Text Decoration
100% complete
Text Indent Not started
The text-align property Not started
Colors & Backgrounds
Introduction to colors in CSS
100% complete
Text & Background color
44% complete
How colors work in CSS
2% complete
Background images Not started
The background-repeat property Not started
The background-position property Not started
Transitions & Transform
CSS3 Transitions - Introduction
12% complete